Weighed in after first week!

So, I’ve completed one week of my new lifestyle of eating healthy and exercising moderately 6 days a week. I weighed in today and I lost 1.2 lbs! Yay! Now, that might not sound like much, but my actual goal is to lose 1 lb a week, so I did 20% better than my goal, not too shabby! Why am I not aiming for more weightloss per week, like 2 lbs, you might ask? Well, I’ve done that in the past, and though it is effective for me in the short term, I just feel way too restricted and deprived. Usually I end up falling off the wagon and doing some mega binging! And then I say screw it, I’m eating whatever I want, and give up. But, with my current plan of 1600 calories a day (more if I exercise), I really feel very satisfied! Yes, I’m going to lose slower, but I’m okay with that. I want this to be forever, not just for a summer. Plus, I’m only aiming for 25-30 lb weightloss, so if it takes me 25-30 weeks, that’s really not that bad. I can handle it taking 6-7 months until I’m thin again. Anyway, the weather is absolutely GORGEOUS in Okinawa today. All in all, life is pretty rad.

Curse you, Japanese curry!

So, as stated before, I temporarily live in Japan. One of my favorite things about living in a foreign country is trying out all the food!! Since moving here in 2009, my husband and I have found a new food love: curry! Curry was not something we ate when we lived in the states. There just really weren’t any restaurants around that served this type of food where we lived in Texas. Here in Okinawa, there are all kinds of curry shops. And curry comes from different parts of the world, and the styles are all vastly different. For example, here we can get Japanese curry, Thai curry, Indian curry, Nepalese curry… you get the idea. Japanese curry is very distinct. The curry sauce is usually very plain, either a beef or pork curry sauce. It’s usually served over a bed of white sticky rice and some kind of panko fried cutlet, either chicken or pork. It’s quite delicious and you can get it very spicy or very mild and everything in between.

While trying to diet, Japanese curry is the devil, and I had some yesterday, doh! The other varieties of curry, like Indian and Nepalese, can be made healthier, and usually nothing is fried… But with Japanese curry it’s all about the fried and the butter.  I had half the amount I would normally eat, which is good, and I calculated it was about 650 calories. I went over my daily limit of calories by about 50 calories because of this. I felt guilty about it last night, however, today I’ve realized that in the grand scheme of things it was a very small slip up, and my body probably wanted the fat anyways. My only saving grace was that I controlled the portion and only ate half. I feel better about it today, as I weighed this morning and stayed the same weight as yesterday, plus I had an amazing workout at the gym this morning. So, all in all, I am over it… but I just need to be careful that I don’t slip back into old habits. So, you may be wondering what caused me to eat the curry in the first place since I’ve been so good….. It was the husband! He is such an enabler! We were cruising around town and he was like “Oh I’m so hungry, lets stop at Coco’s and get some curry!” and then I replied, “No, lets go home, I was planning on making healthy shrimp fried rice tonight for dinner.” To which he replies, “Come on!! You’ve been cooking everyday, take a break! Plus, we haven’t had Coco’s in forever, I really want some!” And that’s how it happens folks!

So, why does my spouse bring out my inner fatty? Not really sure! But, every time we have been apart for several months at a time due to his military training, or me visiting family in the States for several months, I ALWAYS lose some weight! I don’t think he really thinks about it. Yes, he can sit down and eat a 1500 calorie meal all in one sitting, because he’s in fantastic shape! He’s 5′11″ and about 175-180, and can run for miles and miles… his body just needs the high calories every day because he does so much exercise and training for work. I think he needs something like 3000 calories to maintain his weight…. However I cannot eat like that, I get fat, LOL. I think he secretly wants me to stay 160 because he likes the booty!! When we first started dating, I was 135 for about a year due to some gastro issues I was having, I couldn’t eat without mega heartburn, and he said I was too skinny… which is just NOT true for a gal of a 5′4″ size! Anyway, it’s not about him, it’s about me! So, I will stick to my guns and keep on keeping on!

Sore!!! In a good way :)

Well it’s day 4 of my 12 weeks to weightloss fitness plan. I just got back from the gym and my muscles are sore!!! Not the “oh-my-god-I-won’t-be-able-to-move” kind of sore, but more like the “oh-I-have-been-working-out-and-my-muscles-are-happy” kind of sore. If that made sense… I’ve been alternating days of cardio training and strength training, so far I’ve done two days of each type of workout. It has been really fun and I’m really enjoying it a lot more than I expected. Hopefully I can keep this momentum going. 4 days down, 80 more to go!! I wonder how much I will weigh in 80 days…. hmmmmm?? Exciting! I’ve already lost 1 pound, yay! Not that it’s a huge deal, but I have to celebrate even my small successes, woo hoo!

Diet is going well. Last night I got a sweet tooth, so I made some homemade oatmeal/whole wheat/bluberry muffins….. mmmmm they are sooooo delish and only 100 cal per muffin cause I made them super healthy! Got the recipe here http://www.skinnytaste.com/2012/03/insanely-good-blueberry-oatmeal-muffins.html . Yes, they are actually called “Insanely Good Blueberry Oatmeal Muffins.” LOL I think it’s quite fitting, as long as you understand that it’s a wholesome and healthy muffin, not a sugary/buttery pastry muffin. They turned out quite moist. I’ve been successful keeping my calories under 1600. I don’t even feel like I’m dieting, except for the fact that I’m not binging on crap like I have in the past at times. I’m just cooking healthy and making good decisions. It really isn’t so bad! However, I’m very happy I made the decision to set my calorie limit at 1600 instead of 1200-1300 ish. I know I would lose faster at 1200 or 1300, but I just think I’d fall off the wagon cause I would feel deprived. Can’t have that, now can we!? So slow and steady it is.

In other news, I think hubby wants to go on a date tonight and see John Carter. That should be fun, we haven’t been to the movies in awhile due to babysitter issues. I am a little nervous about the idea of eating dinner out…. maybe we can just eat dinner in and only go out for the movie…. I know it’s *possible* to make good choices while eating out, however it’s SO MUCH more difficult!! Plus, you don’t really know how much butter and salt are on your “healthy” fresh vegetables, you get my drift. You might think you are being good by ordering the salmon, rice, and veggies, but depending on how it’s all prepared, you may as well have ordered the fried shrimp! Especially salads, they are the worst at appearing nice and safe… but you really don’t know what kind of dressing is on it, and maybe it has bacon bits and full fat cheese, etc… So, eating at home just seems easier at this point while I’m trying to not sabatoge myself!

Spinach Lasagna Rolls, I love you!

Soooooo dinner tonight was yumgasmic. As stated in a previous post, I am a die hard foodie, hence I’m overweight. However, now that I’m on a mission to cultivate my love of food into a love of HEALTHY food, I’ve made it my business to seek out recipes which pack the flavor without packing on the pounds. I stumbled upon this fantastic website, www.skinnytaste.com, and basically I’ve been cooking from her website non-stop! Everything is delicious and tonight was no exception. I made the Spinach Lasagna Rolls, and at 225 calories per roll, you can’t go wrong. They are easy to make, cheap, super tasty, and easy to freeze and reheat later. Here is the link if interested http://www.skinnytaste.com/2010/02/spinach-lasagna-rolls.html or you can just go to her site and use the search feature. I paired it with a tomato/cucumber salad with a teaspoon of balsamic dressing and a piece of toast with spray butter, garlic powder, and italian herbs. All in all, my entire dinner was 320 calories and I feel satisfied. I changed up her recipe slightly, I used cottage cheese instead of ricotta cause it’s what I had on hand. Also I threw in some chopped fresh basil leaves because I have a plant growing on my windowsill, so why the hell not! Oh and I used fresh spinach instead of frozen.

Ok enough about food, I’m going to get hungry again! My day was very productive!! I had a great workout, it was Day 2 on my 12 week workout plan. You can find the free plan here http://exercise.about.com/cs/weightloss/a/12weeks.htm So the workout today focused on strength training. I live on a Marine Corps base in Japan, so the gym was full of sweaty, muscley guys that are all “I’m-a-badass-I-workout-all-the-time-check-out-these-guns-as-I-flex-in-the-mirror!” I usually stay VERY far away from that section of the gym, and just go to the cardio machine section… However since today’s workout was a strength training workout, I had to venture in to the weights section. No worries, I put my big girl panties on and decided not to be intimidated by all the sweaty jarheads. It was actually really fun doing the new exercises. I had my smartphone with me the whole time so I could refer to the photos of each exercise I was supposed to do. Success! I also cleaned my house today…. sadly it seems like that chore is never ending. There is still so much to do… Bedtime now, I might get called in to work in the morning and need to be rested. Cheers!

Been a long time!

So, I used Buddy Slim quite some time ago when I was on my Couch to 5K journey. I only lost about 5 lbs, but I really enjoyed blogging and reading other people’s blogs. I did finish the Couch to 5K program in 9 weeks, and I was successfully able to run 5 kilometers without stopping, woo hoo! Well, then life got crazy and I stopped logging on Buddy Slim. Only now am I deciding to re-commit to my health and fitness goals that I had before. My weight fluctuates between 160-165, depending on the day. I’d really like to be between 135-140. That was a really fit, healthy weight for me. So, I’ve got some work to do…

I’ve started a 12 week workout program that alternates between cardio and resistance training. I found it on a free exercise guide on about.com. I’m pretty good about working out as long as I have some sort of schedule or plan to follow (hence my success with couch to 5k a couple years ago). As far as diet, I’m aiming for 1600 calories a day. That might sound like a lot for a dieter, however, I want to lose the weight really slow, roughly 0.5 to 1.0 pound per week! I know that doesn’t sound very ambitious but here is my reasoning for attempting this method:

In the past, I’ve aimed for low daily calorie intake (1200-1300) and a faster rate of weight loss (2 lbs / week). While this has been successful for me in the short term, I’ve discovered that I am just not the type of person that wants to eat that little. I am definitely a self-proclaimed foodie!! So, after I “starve” myself for awhile, one day I just start eating a lot of food again, then I get discouraged that I’ll never be able to keep up a diet like that, then I stop counting calories all together! So this time, I’ll eat more! And hopefully watch the pounds come off nice and slow. And, in theory, will still be able to eat enough food to keep my inner foodie satisfied. We shall see! If anyone else has had success with slowly losing weight by eating 1600 or more calories, I’d love to hear about it :)

So, I did go to the gym this morning. I did a 30 min treadmill workout. It was fun, I kept changing the pace and the incline every few minutes to keep things interesting. I’ve logged everything I’ve eaten today on my handy Lose It! app. So far, day one is going great! I even took tape measurements of 8 different body areas…. ugh that was depressing!! And yet, also motivating in a way. I think I’ll spend the rest of the evening cooking! On Sundays I like to cook several big meals, and keep them in the fridge or freezer to reheat throughout the week for fast dinners! For those of you that love to cook, please check out www.skinnytaste.com   Gina is AMAZING!!! All her recipes are a hit, and healthy! Tonight I’ll cook the cajun chicken pasta, asian turkey meatballs, and spinach lasagna rolls. Yum! Oh, and I’ll make a huge batch of whole wheat blueberry waffles that can be frozen and popped in the toaster in the morning… better get going!

First Weigh in and 3 lbs Lighter

So, this morning was my first weigh in!! Thanks to Lou Lou I had decided to make my weigh ins on Monday mornings so that I don’t go crazy over the weekends. I nervously stepped up on the scale at the gym, and low and behold, it said 162!!! Yay, a 3 lb loss for my first week! Sooooo excited! So, this is a good step in the right direction.

As for my Couch to 5K running program, all is going well. Tonight I had the 3rd training session of the 1st week. I did it better than I had done the 1st or 2nd training session so I guess I’m improving. On wednesday starts week 2 of the running program, and I will be running for 30 sec longer during the running times. I am excited for the new challenge and I know I will do it!

Anyway, this is a short blog post today. Just wanted to share my small success with everyone. I’m only 2 lbs away from my mini-goal of 160. The final goal is 140 though, so I have a ways to go. Two weeks ago I would spend most days sitting on my cushy ass in front of my computer and eat unhealthy snacks all day. Now, I’m running, eating healthy, and losing weight. Somehow, I found motivation to do this. Maybe it was divine intervention, or maybe I just realized that pregnancy clothes aren’t cute 7 months after you had your baby. But whatever it was, if I can get started on this, then I think anyone can!! You guys inspire me!

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A Day Without Electricity

Imagine being on an island in the Pacific ocean in the middle of August. The temperature is hot as hell. When you walk outside, it feels like you are swimming through the air because the humidity is so high. The sun beats down so strong you are positive you will be cooked alive. Welcome to Okinawa, my temporary home away from home.

And then the power goes out…. ALL DAY!!!!

Ugh, it was just one of those disgustingly sticky hot days. I got out of the house a bit for food and library time, just to enjoy someone else’s air conditioning! Even though I ate out for lunch and dinner, I still made fairly decent choices. Yay! Lunch I had half cup of rice with 1 egg and a couple table spoons of curry sauce (yeah it sounds weird but it’s good), dinner I had a 6 in chicken sub from subway on wheat, no mayo or oil. I splurged on a slice of cheese though! Worth it : )  

But it was just kind of a blah day. I felt all disconnected not having my internets. However, the worst power outage I ever experienced was after Hurricane Ike. I was living in Houston and I did not have electricity for 11 days. Yes, 11 days. Hot Humid Houston in August, no power. Yuck! That was 2 years ago but I still feel like I will never forget that experience. Well, it’s like they say, if it doesn’t kill you, it makes you stronger!

I did work on my Japanese skills today. I’m getting better! Before long, I might actually be able to carry on an intelligent conversation with a local instead of saying useless things that books teach you like “The boy is eating” or “The cat is under the table”…. I mean really, how useful are those two phrases?

Oh, my daughter did get her first tooth today. That was exciting! I think tomorrow I’ll clean the house.

The Skinny on Avocados

Today I took my daughter to a playgroup designed for babies between the ages of 6-12 months. One of my friends had been pestering me to go for a couple of weeks, and I finally decided to go check it out. We had a great time, it’s good for my baby to be around other babies who are also starting to crawl and what not. Afterward, three of us decide to go to lunch at an organic burger joint here in Japan called Freshness Burger. I was so proud of myself because even though both of my friends ordered the cheeseburger and fries (and they both laughed at me for what I ordered), I instead ordered the tofu and avocado burger on whole grain bun (no mayo) with a side salad of fresh garden greens. Woo Hoo!

When I got home, I input the meal into my buddy slim food journal, quietly snickering to myself at how good I was at lunch. However, I was shocked at how fattening the avocado is. Out of the 80 calories of avocado that I ate, 74 of them were fat calories!! Wow, that didn’t sound good! So I decided to look into this a little bit because the thought of avocados being bad for me made me want to totally nerd rage.

I found an article on avocados on WebMD. Here is the site for reference purposes http://www.webmd.com/diet/features/avocado-advantage

To sum it up, yes, avocados are high in fat. However, they are high in good fats, which means it will actually lower your bad cholesterol and raise your good cholesterol levels! The “bad” fats are saturated fats, but the avocado has none of that. It only has mono-unsaturated fats, which are “good” fats. Studies also have shown that avocados lower your triglycerides levels. Due to recent research on the health benefits of avocados, the US government has actually revised it’s opinion of the fruit and is urging Americans to eat more avocados.  Opt for mashed avocado on a sandwich instead of mayo, or guacamole instead of queso dip for your chips. You’ll be switching to an unsaturated fat instead of a saturated fat, and you’ll be doing your cholesterol and triglyceride levels a favor! But, before you go hog wild on avocados, remember that everything needs to be in moderation. Avocados are high calorie because they have so much fat, so they need to be part of a balanced diet.

In other news, I had day 2 of my training this evening for my goal of going from a couch potato to a 5k runner! The entire course of training is 9 weeks, with three workouts a week, so a total of 27 workouts. Only have 25 left before I can run the whole 5K! Woot! Today’s walk/run was significantly harder than last time, because I took my daughter with me in a stroller. Daddy was at work so she had to come, which meant I was pushing along an extra 40 lbs on an uphill and downhill course!! (stroller + baby + gear). It was definitely a harder workout, but I didn’t cheat at all. I ran when I was supposed to, and walked when I was supposed to, and huffed and puffed and cursed the whole way. But I just finished about 10 min ago and I feel fantastic!! Exhausted but like I am accomplishing something. Yesterday I downloaded an app onto my iPhone that actually coaches you through each Couch to 5K workout, so that was a huge help this time because it tells you exactly when to run and when to walk and says encouraging stuff.

My Friday the 13th is coming to an end because I’m all the way in Japan. However, I hope ya’lls Friday the 13th turns out just as great as mine was. Cheers!

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Baskin-Robbins Blunder

Today went well. I did not do any formal exercise because I was recovering from yesterday’s first day of training for the 5K race! WOooo! My muscles were slightly sore, but not too bad at all! I know I will feel ready to run again tomorrow for day 2 of 5K training. I behaved with my eating today, actually I pretty much ate the exact same thing I ate yesterday. But, 8pm rolls around and I’ve had all my meals for the day and I realize I’ve only had 900 calories!! I needed to eat more. I really had a hankering for some ice cream so I decided to go to Baskin Robbins and get a sweet, cold, treat for me and my husband on this sweltering summer evening.

I brought our delicious desserts home, and stuck them in the freezer to correct for some meltage that had occurred along the way.  After about 30 min, I pulled them out, and started eating it, absolutely enjoying each divine bite. While I’m indulging, I pull up the baskin robbins website to check the calorie content so I can input it into my food journal.

Now, mind you, I ordered the SMALL 31 Below, which is exactly like a dairy queen blizzard. “SMALL” is deceptive because that little sucker packs a whopping 860 calories!!!! My jaw literally dropped to the floor mid-bite! I am completely shocked at how many calories it has!! So, I decided to only eat half of it, and put the other half in the freezer for another night when I’m low on calories. I thought it would take immense will power to only eat half of it, but honestly it didn’t. I think I was way too disgusted that it had 860 calories in it, so I gladly only ate 430 of them. So, my calorie intake for the day ended up being a very normal 1340! Phew, crisis averted! I’m so glad I didn’t eat the WHOLE thing and then go check the calorie content afterward. I would have felt so bad!

So this blog post is meant as a warning to all! Just because you order the small does NOT mean it is low cal, or a healthy choice. Also, always check your calorie count BEFORE you eat the food, because sometimes, you just might get a big unexpected surprise! Next time, I’ll skip the ice cream and get the lite frozen yogurt : P

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Excuses??? NO MORE!!!!!

“I’m tired.”

“I don’t have enough time.”

“I need to do this other thing that’s more important.”

“What if I hurt myself?”

“I can always start tomorrow/next week/next month.”

“My pregnancy clothes from 7 months ago are cute and still comfortable!! Why should I bother getting new ones? Plus they still fit! No one will know they are maternity.”

“If I finish this box of cookies tonight, then I won’t have anything to binge on tomorrow and I can start my diet tomorrow!!”

“Healthy food is expensive.”

“I still look hot cause my husband says so, right? I don’t need to worry.”(I think they lie to make us feel better, but in the end it is sabotaging us!)

Excuses. We’ve all made them. Heck, I’ve practically lived by them in recent times. Every excuse listed above has come out of my mouth or crossed my mind. But the truth is, they are evil! They keep us from the things that we want most out of life: happiness, fitness, longevity, confidence in the bedroom, being able to play with our kids and set a good example for them.  So the question I ask myself  is, WHY??? If I took a poll, I bet NOBODY would say that they want to be overweight/obese, have health problems, and not be able to walk up flights of stairs. And I would also bet that NOBODY would want to be too embarrassed to show their spouse their hind end! So, what is going on with this self-sabotage?

I thought about it and I think different people all have different reasons to make excuses. But for me, I think it is fear. I think I am afraid of failure!! Things always came relatively easy to me in life. I was good at school, sports, music, making friends. I never had to try too terribly hard at something. Except for being overweight. I was always overweight, my entire life, by about 10-15 lb. Not a lot really, however it was always there. I couldn’t shake it. Except for 2 years in my early 20s I was really skinny (see my profile picture) for awhile. Now, it’s more like 25-30 lbs, after having a baby and spending way too much time on my butt. So, for some reason, in the past it has always been easier to just accept the extra weight than to attempt to lose it for good and then fail. I am afraid of failure.

Well, no more!! I’ve decided to raise two middle fingers to my fear of failure and dive in head first. I am going to do this! Maybe I will fail the first time! So what! I will keep trying! But you never know, I might not fail at all! I’ve always been a goal-oriented person, so I needed a “goal” to be able to work towards while I do this. Otherwise I lose my focus. So, the current goal is to run a 5K race without stopping or walking.

Today I started the week 1 training of the Couch to 5K program. Google it and click on the first website! It’s amazing! So I did the workout this evening and it was the perfect amount of intensity for my lack of fitness level. I didn’t feel like I was going to die and yet I was sweating and breathing hard the whole time. I am going to stick with this and in 9 weeks I will be running a 5K without stopping, I am determined.

As for food, I think I did okay today. I ended up as a -1000 and it says I need to be at most a -750, but really i felt like I ate a ton. I’ll post my food log with this, but I feel like I am eating enough, i dunno! The only beverage I drank all day was water.

Anyway, no more excuses. I’m going to lose this weight, I’m going to run this 5K, and I’m going to feel like I did 5 years ago! Who’s with me?

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